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For me, it is about emotional reality, about pain and about protection from it, primarily through devotion to a purpose.

It is about beauty and cruelty and the longing for meaning.

...the paintings don’t feel rooted in place. Bandilla depicts a world in flux...the dreamlike pictures include areas of near-photographic realism, but also sections where the image seems to melt — more in the manner of Gerhard Richter’s photo-derived blurs than Salvador Dali’s drippy surrealism...the transitions often involve hot white, which both illuminates and obscures, like sunlight so bright that it temporarily blinds...the artist conjures a sense of movement, both with impressionistic style and in the choice of locales.

                                                                     Mark Jenkins, Washington Post



..strong impressions by Lara Bandilla...between magical realism and deliberate abstraction...especially emotional and incisive are the works in which she narrates of her own family history....

                                                                 Elisa Krooß, Westdeutsche Zeitung



...different levels overlap in the light-flooded street scenes from more recent times, motifs from Cologne and Shanghai flow seamlessly into one the same time the scenarios are partially outshone by a glistening bright light, which gives them a surreal touch. The impression of light and movement is characteristic of the series, in which the painter confronts the viewer with a "different reality"... the white light makes the streets and squares appear otherworldly...the fusion of disparate motifs, the plunging lines, the deliberate blurring and the dramatic contrasts of light and dark make it difficult to pinpoint the location...the paintings are reminiscent of film sequences...

Hannah Styrie, Kölner Rundschau


IMPRINTS, solo exhibition, Galerie Philoart, Wuppertal/ SPUREN DES MENSCHEN, group exhibition,Taith Contemporary, Vienna/ SHOW No.4, solo exhibition, WomenPaintersRoom, Berlin/ AESTHETICS OF A DISENCHANTED WORLD, group exhibition, Goerz Höfe, Berlin/ MAKE ART NOT WAR, group exhibition, Galerie Philoart, Wupperta/ ORLANDO, group exhibition, Taith Contemporary, Vienna/ ON VIEW, solo exhibition, Galerie Philoart, Wuppertal/ DAS FREMDE IN UNS, group exhibition, Galerie Philoart, Wuppertal/ DER AUGENBLICK, solo exhibition, Taith Contemporary, Vienna,/ EDEN, solo exhibition, Galerie Philoart, Wuppertal/ ON THE ROAD, solo exhibition, Galerie Steiner, Berlin/ OF TIME AND LIGHT, solo exhibition, IA&A Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC, USA/ ARCHAICS, solo exhibition, Kunstverein Hattingen/ LIGHT, solo exhibition, Studio Schaperstrasse, Berlin/ ZEIT LICHT, solo exhibition, Christuskirche, Cologne/ LICHT SCHWEBE RAUM, group exhibition, Ballhaus im Nordpark, Düsseldorf/ TRACING PENTHESILEA, solo exhibition, Galerie Golkar, Bonn/ AFFORDABLE ART FAIR AMSTERDAM/ SHANGHAI ART FAIR/ GOOD AMERICA - BAD AMERICA, Museum Walter, Augsburg/ KUNSTVEREIN NEUEHRENFELD KÖLN/ WELCOME TO PARADISE, Megahertz Records/ PHANTASTISCHE KREATUREN, solo exhibition, Württembergisches Palais, Regensburg/ WASSER, group exhibition, Museumsnacht Regensburg/ SALON, group exhibition, Salon DÓrpheé, Regensburg/ THE TIME OF THE DOGS, solo exhibition, Kulturspeicher, Regensburg/ PENTHESILEA - THE UNGUIDED WILL, solo exhibition, Kleist Museum, Frankfurt an der Oder/ SOGNANDO DIO, solo exhibition, Centro Pellegrini, Rome


speech to the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, on the occasion of the exhibition OF TIME AND LIGHT, International Arts and Artists, Washington DC, USA


Kleist Museum, Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany

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