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I´m longing for the cracks in reality.


Born in Hamburg I spent half of my youth in southern Italy. I lived in close touch to nature and my perception of the world was shaped by its endless beauty and force.

I was at home in an animistic world.

For a child the world is enchanted, mysterious. Airplanes, internet, and holograms are as astonishing as ghosts and witches, tales are of the same trueness than documentaries, evolution itself conveys quite a magical impression.

Growing up I didn't let go of this: it was the Renaissance that attracted me with its abundance of angels and demons being a normal part of the world, the literature of Latin America creating a unique reality that discovers and reveals reality from a new perspective.

I have been and am still inspired by Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Gabriel García Márquez, Toni Morrison, Christoph Ransmayr, Daniel Kehlmann, I am always intrigued by all kinds of logical constructions planted on a different fundament than the normal one and I don’t really like the contradiction between reality and fiction, I don’t like those borders  besides they do make me struggle from time to time.

I am constantly in search of something that goes beyond what is palpable at the surface of everyday life, the fusion between the real and the unreal.

And even though this may be fiction, it  helps us to name our world and see our place in it.

It conveys or explores the truth behind reality.



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Art, Painting, Contemporary Art