I paint people in moments that feel significant to me.

Multiple sources inspire me - mostly photographs of my family, films, books, tales, mythology, and especially my own memories or interpretations of the emotional content of a moment gone by.

When I start from a photograph, I am usually touched by something true I feel I can read in the photograph.
I’m not sure other people can see what I see in the photo, but I hope they see it in my finished painting.

While I work, I take away things that are not important for the story I want to tell, and add on things that come from my imagination but seem to show the truth of the situation better than reality could. I paint and repaint, finding my way through many layers of oilcolour, composing textures with different materials that emphasises the vibe, and try to surprise myself without losing course.

The people on the photos touch me because they seem so helpless in front of lifes maelstrom.

Jotted in time, drowning in time, I have the strong urge to save them from oblivion by highlighting the preciousness of the moment. To give a kind of meaning.  And to save lives from profanity.

I think that most men have the desire for sense, for beauty, for that something that stands out profanity. The yearning for limitlessness, for some kind of magic, for the feeling that everything is possible.
We long to find this aspect lost somewhere in our childhood again in our adult lives - and I am constantly searching for it.


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Art, Painting, Contemporary Art